20 Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually

20 Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually

Figuring out if a man is interested in you sexually can be confusing. Unlike women, men are not as vocal or expressive when it comes to their desires. However, their actions speak volumes about what they want from you. Paying attention to subtle signs and signals can help you determine if he wants you sexually. We have compiled 20 of the biggest signs that indicate he wants you badly in the bedroom.

Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually

He Makes Excuses to Touch You

A man who is interested in you sexually will find reasons to initiate physical contact. He may gently touch your arm when speaking to you, place his hand on your lower back as you walk, or find other subtle ways to touch you. The act of touching releases oxytocin, strengthening feelings of intimacy and attraction between two people. If he is constantly finding ways to touch you, it likely means he wants to get closer to you.

His Body Language Changes Around You

You can discern a lot from a man’s body language. When he is sexually interested in you, he may lean in closer, hold eye contact longer, position himself facing you, and appear more relaxed and open. On the other hand, signs like crossed arms, leaning away and avoiding eye contact signal disinterest. Pay attention to how his body orientates around you versus other women. The difference will be obvious.

He Makes an Effort to Impress You

Men put in effort to impress the women they are trying to sleep with. Notice if he brags about his accomplishments, shows off his skills, and overall tries to look cool around you. While this behavior screams insecurity, it also shows he is trying to get your attention and win you over. He wants you to see him in the best possible light.

He Opens Up to You

Opening up emotionally is difficult for most men. So when a man feels comfortable being vulnerable around you, it indicates care and intimacy. If he shares deep emotions, insecurities, and his innermost thoughts with you, it means he trusts you. Letting you see his sensitive side also creates a bond. It shows he is willing to lower his guard around you.

He Acts Protective Toward You

Does he go into protective mode around you? This possessiveness stems from a place of caring and attraction. If he gets concerned about your safety, defends you, or even shows signs of jealousy when other men pay attention to you, it screams he wants you. Acting protectively reinforces your status as “his girl” to ward off competition. It also shows he wants you for himself.

He Finds Excuses to Talk to You

A man who is interested will go out of his way to interact with you. He may text you random questions, innocently ask for favors, or find other creative reasons to initiate conversation. This gives him a chance to connect while also gauging your interest. If he is putting in effort to talk, he likely wants to flirt and build intimacy.

His Friends Know About You

Has he mentioned you to his inner circle? This is a huge sign that he is not only interested but sees long-term potential. For most men, casual flings and hookups stay off their friend’s radar. But a woman they are pursuing seriously gets introduced to friends. If you notice his friends smile, make inside jokes, or refer to you, it means they know about you. He has likely talked about you and the prospect of a relationship.

He Remembers the Details

When a man is sexually interested in you, he will hang on to every detail about you – like your birthday, favorite foods, interests, and stories you have told him. This shows you are special to him. While other women are forgettable, he sees you as meaningful. Remembering specifics also allows him to demonstrate how well he knows you.

His Pupils Dilate Around You

The eyes do not lie. When a man is turned on, his pupils involuntarily dilate and allow more light in. This primal reaction signals arousal, interest, and attraction. Next time you are together, glance at his eyes. If his pupils are enlarged around you, it means he feels desire. Dark, enlarging pupils are a dead giveaway that he wants you sexually.

He Grooms Himself Around You

Any effort to look his best around you, like grooming, dressing better, or going to the gym, signals he wants to appear desirable to you. Making small improvements to his appearance boosts his confidence and attractiveness. When a man puts in work to look good for you, he clearly cares what you think. Looking his best also makes him feel more ready to make a move and turn you on.

Your Plans Always Involve Alone Time

Pay attention to the types of plans he makes with you. Are your outings mostly at night, low-key, and one-on-one? Does he invite you over for home-cooked meals or Netflix and chill sessions? Quality time alone is a priority for him because it may lead to intimacy. A man who asks you on group outings or more daytime dates is less focused on sex. But intimate, private plans reveal more.

He Opens Up to You Physically

You can often gauge a man’s interest through physical escalation. Does he break the touch barrier early on? Initiate kissing or sex? Return and reciprocate physical affection? Letting this happen signals he is comfortable with you and ready for more. If he seems confident making moves, he likely wants you sexually and is testing your boundaries. Allowing intimacy to progress shows your mutual interest.

He Talks About Your Sex Life

A man who is ready to sleep with you will start painting a picture of your potential sex life together. He may make sexual innuendos, discuss preferences under the guise of curiosity, or directly ask what you like in bed. This creates a sexual tone between you. It also shows he has already imagined you naked! Talking about sex this way shows he is trying to manifest his fantasies with you.

He Makes Future Plans

If a man casually talks about travel you should take together, restaurants he wants to try with you, concerts in a few months, or other future plans – it indicates care for you. He sees you in his life long-term, not as a short-term fling. Making extended plans also builds commitment. It reinforces that he wants the passion and romance to continue.

He Opens Up About His Fears

Has he confided his innermost fears and insecurities to you? By bearing his soul this way, he demonstrates that he trusts you fully. Complete vulnerability like this creates an emotional bond between two people. It also requires a high level of comfort. If he is willing to reveal this sensitive side of himself, it shows he has invested genuine emotion into you and the relationship.

He Misreads Your Friendliness

Sometimes men can misconstrue simple friendly gestures as sexual interest. Pay attention to whether he interprets your platonic kindness as flirtation. Does he assume you are romantically interested just because you are nice? Does he see flirting where none exists? If so, he likely already has you on the brain in “that way” and is overly hopeful. He may be eager to make his fantasy with you a reality.

He Hints at or Talks About Exclusivity

If he openly talks about wanting to date you exclusively or planning future relationship milestones, it demonstrates he sees you as girlfriend material. While it could mean he genuinely likes you, it may also hint he wants to lock you down for consistent sex. Discussing exclusivity maintains access to you while also securing your affection. Either way, it shows a level of commitment beyond casual sex.

He Displays Sexual Body Language

Body language communicates volumes about inner thoughts and feelings. Pay attention to how he sits, stands, or moves around you. Sexually charged body language includes cradling objects, stroking his fingers, sitting with open legs, grazing his skin, playing with his hair, wetting his lips, and extending eye contact. These signs convey arousal, attraction, and interest. They reflect exactly what’s on his mind without him having to say it aloud.

His Compliments Are Sexually Focused

A man who wants you sexually will compliment your appearance, body, sensuality, and sex appeal. He may praise your curves, skin, lips, hair, fashion sense, and overall beauty. While it comes across as flattering, focusing mainly on your looks reveals he is enamored by your physical charms. And he hopes to explore them further. Genuine interest goes beyond the surface to praise your intellect, talents, values, and spirit as well.

Final Words

In summary, the above signs offer clues that a man wants to get you into bed. While not every item on the list guarantees desire, several together build a strong case he craves physical intimacy with you. Paying attention provides insight into his true intentions and the direction of the relationship. With this awareness, you can determine appropriate boundaries and reciprocate interest. Just be cautious, as some men may display these signals simply to achieve sexual conquest. Look out for other meaningful gestures that confirm he wants to connect on a deeper level too. Trust actions more than mere words. And when in doubt, discuss things openly to gain clarity.


How can you tell if a shy guy wants you sexually?

With shy men, look for subtle signs like stammering, blushing, clumsiness and awkwardness around you. He may also stare at you when you are not looking and find reasons to be near you while avoiding direct conversation. Shy interest is harder to decipher but it centers around proximity and unspoken body language cues.

What type of compliments indicates sexual interest?

Compliments focused on physical assets like your body, appearance, sensuality, and sexiness reveal sexual interest. Comments like “You have amazing curves”, “You’re so hot”, or “I love your lips” center around physical or sexual desirability rather than personality traits. Genuine interest includes non-physical compliments too.

How can you tell if he wants more than a hookup?

Signs he sees long-term potential include introducing you to his inner circle, making extended plans, having deeper conversations, showing emotional vulnerability, and bringing up exclusivity. Investing in quality time together doing non-sexual activities also hints he values a relationship over just sex.

What are some examples of flirty body language from men?

Flirty male body language includes frequent eye contact, pointing his feet toward you, leaning in close, displaying open body posture like hands on hips or sitting with open legs, finding reasons to touch you, mirroring your movements, stroking his fingers, licking his lips, fixing his hair and clothes around you.

How should you respond if you are not interested sexually?

Be honest but kind. State you enjoy spending time with him, but only as a friend. Suggest focusing your relationship on non-physical connection. If he cannot respect your boundaries, reconsider the friendship. Prioritize your comfort. You never owe anyone sexual interest or access to your body.

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